Find the correct answer to the five questions that Amazon will give a reward of 20,000 rupees😄

As usual, the new version of Amazon India (Amazon India) ‘Daily App Quiz‘ (Daily App Quiz) has gone live. Today, however, the online shopping platform is offering participants a great chance to win up to Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay (Amazon Pay) balance due to its quiz.

We already know that this ‘Amazon Daily Quiz’ quiz starts at 12 midnight every day and is available till 11:59 pm after all those days. However, in this case, the amount of reward is different every day. So if you want, you can take part in this quiz once to try your luck.

Amazon Daily Quiz – How to play?

If you want to play Amazon’s quiz, first you have to open the company’s app from Android or iOS smartphone. Remember that the game can be accessed only from the mobile application. However, after that the interested people have to login to the app and go to the ‘Fan’ section. Here they will see a banner called ‘Daily Quiz’. Clicking on this banner will bring up five questions about General Knowledge or Current Affairs. And if you answer each question correctly, the lucky participant will have a chance to win a certain amount of money as a prize.

In this case, Amazon will determine the winner through a lucky draw. However, if you want, you will be able to easily answer the five questions correctly. Because for your convenience, we have brought the questions and answers of the Daily Quiz at your fingertips even today.

Today’s question and answer of Amazon Daily Quiz

1. How do we get to know the Kerala government’s proposed semi-high speed ‘K-Rail’ project better?

Answer: Silver Line.

2. In which country was the popular Nehru Trophy boat race held in Kerala in 2022?

Answer: United Arab Emirates.

3. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe took the first visible-light image of the surface of which planet from space?

Answer: Fri.

4. Which of the following companies was established in this country?

Answer: IKEA.

5. Which of the following brands famous for this animal-specific food product was the most viewed pet brand on YouTube in the UK in 2021?

Answer: Viscasso.

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