Home will be the cinema hall, Lenovo YOGA 7000 smart projector in the market

Tech giant Lenovo recently officially announced their first projector device under the YOGA flagship lineup. Prior to the launch, however, the company teased the new Lenovo YOGA 7000, a new “home entertainment” product, online. Due to which we have already known the key features of this projector. 

The new output device features a unique round body design with 3D streamlined and double-sided aviation-grade aluminum. It comes with 2400 ANSI lumens, which will greatly improve the quality of the projection syringe. The device also supports two 10-watt full-range Rubidium magnet speakers and Bluetooth audio mode. Although the list of features has come to the fore, the price of the device has not been revealed yet. However, let’s get to know the full features of Lenovo YOGA 7000smart projector.

Lenovo YOGA 7000 smart projector specification

The company claims that the new output device, called Lenovo Yoga 6000, will act as a “game changer” in the high-end projector market. This smart projector comes with a 3D streamlined and double-sided round body design surrounded by aviation-grade aluminum. It has an automatic shutter and uses Dream Sound Effect Atmosphere Light technology.

In this new device, the “optical zoom” function is provided for high-end projection, which will not be affected by the size of the indoor space. After all, the size of the content can be increased or decreased on this device without compromising the quality of the projected image. In addition, the projector comes with 2400 ANSI, which will greatly improve the quality of the projection picture.

The Lenovo YOGA 7000 smart projector is equipped with a 0.48-inch DMD large optical micro-mirror chip. This output device will use Osram’s four-lamp brightness LED light source and comes with 8K (8K) decoding support.

Speaking of the audio front, Lenovo’s smart projector will offer VIFA movie-level sound. For this, two 10 watt independent full-range rubidium magnet speakers have been provided. Also, support for Bluetooth audio mode is available on this projector.

Among other features, the new YOGA 7000 comes with a smart depth sensing system. In addition, it has many more functions including laser autofocus, smart obstructive avoidance, smart screen alignment.

The company has announced that the Lenovo YOGA 7000 smart projector will be available for sale in a few countries in the last half of this month. However, Lenovo has not yet announced the price of their latest smart projector. At the same time, it is not yet known how long it will be available in India.

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