Within the price range, this little solar generator will power your TV, laptop or phone

Many people in different parts of India have not yet fully recovered from the problem of power cuts or load shedding. 

As a result, many people nowadays buy generators to temporarily relieve such problems, which temporarily supply electricity and help to keep the devices in the house running. If you are also planning to buy such a ‘Power Supplier’ device, today we will show you the best and cheapest ‘Solar Powered’ or a great portable generator powered by solar power available in the Indian market. Yes! We are talking about the Portable Solar Power Generator S-150 model brought by the domestic company Sarada. The generator is listed on e-commerce site Amazon at a very affordable price of less than Rs 20,000. And, its battery capacity is 42,000 mAh, which is capable of supplying power to multiple home appliance devices ranging from phones, tablets, laptops to radios, mini fans, TVs. Let us know in detail about the price and features of the portable solar powered generator model in question.

SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator S-150

Savard’s ‘Portable Solar Power Generator S-150′ model is shaped like a set-top box. This compact device comes with a 42,000 mAh or 155Wh capacity battery. These batteries are capable of supplying power to multiple devices, including laptops, TVs, mobiles, tablets, lights, radios, mini fans, during load shedding by backing up electricity. In this case, you can fully charge an iPhone 8 (iPhone 8) phone up to 7 times using this portable generator. After all, the generator is not only powerful but also very light in weight. As a result, you can easily carry it in a cupboard or anywhere in the house, even with a bag. In this case, the weight of the device is only 1.69 kg.

Among other features, a power adapter and a car charger will be available with the retail box of the Served Portable Solar Power Generator S-150 device. With the help of the provided power adapter, you can connect this generator to the wall mounted power outlet. And, you can charge this portable device by connecting the car charger to the charging point in the car. Also, as the name suggests, this generator can be recharged with the help of solar panel (14V-22V / 3A Max) under sunlight.

SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator S-150

In terms of price, this portable solar generator from ‘Energy-Efficient’ solar product seller company Served is priced at Rs 19,000. You can find it on the online shopping site Amazon.

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