Worried that the fridge is not getting cold? Before calling a mechanic, consider these three things

Refrigerators are also needed to keep food, vegetables, fruits, etc. fresh, just as you need a fan, AC or cooler for a little cooling this summer. 

But many times with the increase of heat, the cold of the fridge also decreases. And it costs a lot to repair this appliance. In that case today we will tell you about some of the methods that you can use to increase the cooling inside the fridge. If these home remedies do not work then you should call a mechanic to repair the equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the things in the fridge without delay.

1. Compressor: The compressor of the fridge is on the back. But the customer has to take care that the compressor of the refrigerator is reducing the heat. If this is not the case then maybe some compression is required. With external cooling support, the compressor will be able to cool the inside of the refrigerator properly.

2. PCB: The shape of the refrigerator changes over time. Inverter fridge has come in the market now. These refrigerators consume very little electricity, but they are automatic electronic refrigerators. Its cooling is controlled by PCB or printed circuit board. In this case, if the fan of this PCB is damaged, its temperature also increases. Therefore, this aspect should be taken care of to keep the fridge cool.

3. Gas leaks: Many times in case of gas leaks, the compressor does not give full backup. If so, your fridge will work but will not be cold at all. So if you have such problems in your refrigerator, you need to refill the gas immediately. Failure to do so may result in damage to the refrigerator compressor.


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