Xiaomi’s AC will cool the house in just 30 seconds, will work even in winter; The price is less than 30 thousand rupees

In the heat of the day, the people are in a state of shock. Occasionally there is some relief in the rain, but when the rain stops, the life of the people is disrupted. 

The mercury of the temperature is constantly rising in such a way that not a single moment of peace can survive anywhere inside or outside the house. So almost everyone is turning to air conditioning (AC) now to get some comfort after working all day or packing on the train-bus, and as a result the demand for AC in the market is also increasing tremendously. In that case if you are also planning to buy a new AC to get a little cold air in this extreme heat, then we have a great good news for you in today’s report!

In fact, Xiaomi has recently launched a new fast cooling AC called Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP. This popular tech brand often enriches their portfolio by launching new products. And this time the company gave a great gift to the users by launching the new fast cooling AC mentioned in this scorching heat. The most important feature of the newly launched ACT is that you can use it in summer as well as winter season! What, are you very surprised to hear? By the way, this ACT has come to the market with such an amazing feature even though it may seem unbelievable. So, let’s take a look at the price and important features of Shaomi’s new air conditioner.

Xiaomi Giant PowerSaving Pro features 1.5HP AC

As I said before, this AC of Shaomi is capable of cooling and heating the house at the same time. The air conditioner cools the house in just 30 seconds, while the ACT heats the house in just 60 seconds. Let me tell you that this ACT supports temperatures ranging from 32 C to 60 C. And most importantly, this electronic device is able to provide such excellent service at very low power consumption. Self-adaptive prediction technology has been used in ACT to provide this great cooling and heating facility.

Besides, this latest ACT compressor from Shaomi is capable of working at very high speeds. This air conditioner has a cross flow fan for fast cooling. In addition, it supports Mia Zia AI voice control. For those of you who don’t know, Mia Zia is actually a brand in the Xiaomi ecosystem, also known as the Xiaomi sub-brand. Simply put, this ACT can be controlled by Xiaomi Mia Zia, thanks to which users will be able to have a great practical experience.

Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP AC Price, Availability

In terms of price, this new Xiaomi Fast Cooling ACT can be bought for 2499 Yuan (about Rs. 29,121 in Indian currency). Currently, the ACT is only available in the Chinese market, but it will be launched in India soon, the company said. Needless to say, the company is going to take a firm place in the minds of many more Indian customers by gifting such a great device to the users for less than Rs 30,000 in the coming days. 

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