El Ducati’s two small folding e-bikes on the market

Ducati’s modern trade brand Platum has announced the launch of two Scrambler-style folding e-bikes. Named after – Ducati SCR-X and SCR-E GT. 

These two electric bikes from the Ducati Urban lineup have been brought with a 48-volt motor to make the city road show more smoothly.

The SCR-X has 20 × 40-inch wheels with road tires, a conventional telescopic front suspension, and an integrated rear rack (can weigh up to 25 kg). 499-Watt Hour Battery Pack Full Charge allows you to travel up to 60 km effortlessly. The maximum speed is 25 km per hour.

The SCR-E GT, on the other hand, has the same size wheel. It has front and rear suspension and design suitable for running on beach, especially sand. The SCR-E GT e-bike has a 614-watt hour battery pack. The company claims that the 60 km range will be available on a full charge. Each e-bike is given a 48-volt Bafang rear motor. Which is capable of lifting 60 Nm of peak torque.

The model comes with two-wheeled hydraulic disc brakes with cut-off sensors, an 8-speed Shimano gearbox, a waterproof LCD display, and an all-aluminum frame. Their specialty is that they can be folded very easily and they can be charged by opening the battery. The SCR-X and SCR-E GT e-bike pairs can be purchased at Ducati’s dealerships and online in mid-July. However, it is not yet known in which countries it will be available. 

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