Food can be hot and cold again! Buy this amazing portable Mini Fridge for just Rs 2,500

Everyone has to buy some home appliances to meet their daily needs in order to study or stay in a mess far away from home for employment. In that case, after working hard all day in this summer, the fridge is most needed to get satisfaction by drinking a little cold water. If you buy some food again, you need a microwave oven to heat it. 

However, I would like to inform you that it is not necessary to buy a big fridge or oven by spending a lot of money to meet these small needs from outside the house. So now the question that must come to your mind is, what is the easiest way to do all these things if you are in a rented house? That is what we are going to tell you in this report.

At present there are many electronic gadgets available in the market which are cheap but effective for the benefit of advanced technology. Thousands of such devices can be found on e-commerce sites. There’s such a great Mini Fridge available on Amazon, which can be used to do anything, hot or cold! Anne yes, it sounds unbelievable but it is true. This mini fridge is capable of working as a refrigerator and heater at the same time. As well as being portable, it can be taken anywhere at your convenience. So, let’s find out a few things about this amazing device.

Mini Fridge Price, Availability

MIRU’s portable mini fridge has been listed on e-commerce site Amazon for just Rs 2,349. In addition, users will also get the benefit of bank offer in case of purchase. Available at a very affordable price, this fridge is very small in size and light, so it is very easy to carry. As a result, you can easily carry this wonderful device with you in your car, or in the office or on a short tour. The company claims that this eco-friendly refrigerator can be used very effortlessly with very low power consumption.

Specification of Mini Fridge

Let me inform you that the capacity of this small mini fridge is 8 liters. It can be operated with only 12 volts power. Most importantly, this device is capable of heating or cooling anything, even if it is called a fridge. That is, it cannot be used as a regular fridge. Users can use this device to cool cold drinks or any other beverage up to 5 C, or to heat snacks up to 75 C. So, if you want to bring this amazing electronic gadget home, feel free to order from Amazon today.

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